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Text Box: About Us—We have been raising Shetland sheep since 2002, striving since the beginning to breed the very best quality Shetland sheep in as many colors and patterns.  Our foundation stock was excellent and we continue to improve our stock every year.  We have around 80 Shetland ewes in our flock and about a dozen rams, many of which are direct F1s.  
Our farm goals are: 
Breed our highest quality ewes to top notch purebred Shetland rams to produce top quality purebred Shetland lambs.  
Breed the remaining ewes to a crossing sire, such as a Blue-faced Leicester, to produce market lambs.
Promote Shetland fleece that is true to the breed standard and historical documentation—soft, fine, high quality fleece.  And promote the products derived from the fleece.
Promote crossbreeding Shetlands for market lambs simply because there is no higher return on your sheep investment than Shetland sheep.  It has a couple of centuries of proven performance. 
Promote Shetland and Shetland cross meat for a sustainable, grass-based product that not only has a taste that far surpasses other meat, but is healthier for you.
Promote conservation grazing with this breed as Shetland sheep will eat many forbs and weeds that commercial sheep bypass.

She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands. Proverbs 31:13

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