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Text Box: Under The Son Farm—where quality breedstock Shetland sheep and their world famous “extra fine and soft texture” wool are raised.  We adhere to the 1927 Shetland breed standard as clarified by the Shetland Sheep Society Appendix A, both of which are adopted by NASSA.  This means we breed Shetlands that are the “ultimate” in fine Shetland fleece, the hallmark of purebred Shetlands.  We offer prime purebred registered breedstock, fine Shetland wool in its various forms, Shetland cross lambs for meat and commercial ewe market lamb production, and fiber pets.



Fawn Katmoget



Text Box: Shetland Fleece comes in many natural colors and patterns, some displayed above.   Fine Shetland wool is considered garment quality with the best being next to the skin soft.  It is a pleasure to spin and knit, producing items that are treasured.   The fleece itself is 2 1/2-6”, with a small feathery tip to shed water naturally.  It is dense, soft, fine, and sometimes with a silky feel.  It is a crimpy wool to give it bounce and elasticity in knitting yarns.  Shetland wool was historically spun either by hand or millspun as it is a “longish” wool, not short like a down breed, nor long like a longwool.  It is used for the finest knitted lace like the world renown Shetland ring shawl and knitted garments such as Fair Isle Shetland sweaters.  It is a lightweight but warm wool, giving the wearer warmth without bulky weight.

She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands. Proverbs 31:13

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Some of examples of our Shetland colors


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